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Protect Your Cell Phone and Go In Style at the Same Time

Cell phone cases are very important and they serve a dual purpose of protection and showing off your sense of style. Although there have been great strides made in making cell phones and other mobile devices durable, it’s still an excellent idea to protect your technology as much as you can. You also want to be able to enjoy your devices and use them as much as possible, so ensuring that your phone remains charged affords you that opportunity. 

Phone Protectors and Cases         

Choosing a case for your phone can be a little tricky if you do not pay close attention. Cases are specific to not only brands of cell phone, but specific models as well. If you have version three of a cell phone model, it may not fit a version six, and vice versa.

Make sure that you know exactly what case you need. The cases protect the corners and back of the phone, and a clear tempered glass or Plexiglas shield protects the face. This glass or film is usually scratch- and smudge-resistant, and the cases are rubber or poly carbonate. Some cases have clips on the back that allow you to connect the phone to a belt or bag. Many cases are black, but multiple colors and patterns are available too.


Mobile phones usually come with a proper charger but sometimes the phone outlasts the charger. Cell phone chargers also have a history of being left behind at work, home or at a hotel room when you need them the most. Make sure that you have an extra one on hand when you need it, and consider adding a charger that you can use in your vehicle.

Chargers are powered either with a wall adapter or via a USB adapter that connects to a PC, tablet or similar device. Car chargers are usually powered by connecting it to the vehicle through the DC connector, which is located in or around the vehicle’s dash.

Bluetooth Headsets             

In certain situations, it’s necessary to use your cell phone when your hands are otherwise occupied. For those times, a Bluetooth headset comes in handy. These lightweight headsets attach above one or both of your ears or around your neck, and allow you to talk without having to do so directly into your phone. These are rechargeable devices that offer around eight hours of talk time. You can also listen to music and use GPS applications and many other apps that your phone has. Bluetooth headsets are compatible with most or all Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices.

Car mounts         

Another place that you want to use your cell phone hands-free is in your vehicle. Driving and texting or driving and talking on a mobile device that you hold in one of your hands is dangerous and one of the leading causes of traffic accidents and deaths. However, there are times when it’s necessary to use your cell phone while driving, such as when you’re using a GPS app.

For these times, a car-mounted mobile device holder is the answer. These attach to your vehicle’s dash or windshield in several ways, including suction cups, magnets and double-sided adhesive tape. They even have ones made to fit in your cup holders for hands free use. These devices allow you to rotate the cell phone so you can see it vertically and horizontally, and some make it so you can adjust the angle of sight.

Miscellaneous Accessories

The following are some other accessories that are very handy and rather easy to use:

  •  Signal boosters: Signal boosters allow you to use your phone several hundred feet away from your home         or wherever the booster is placed. They also allow for clearer reception indoors.
  • Mobile power packs: These are portable battery chargers that connect to mobile devices via USB ports to charge them. Power packs themselves recharge by connecting to a PC or other device.
  • Battery extenders: These allow you to keep your phone working while your regular battery is charging. These batteries tend to have more capacity than the phone’s standard battery.
  • Selfie sticks: Selfie sticks allow you to take photos of yourself and your friends from a distance without having to give your phone to someone else to take the shot for you.

This was very brief and the cell phone accessories that are available are too many yo mention in an article. But what I shared above are some of the top sellers. 


Author: James Steinmetz

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